Young Again Cast & Crew Bios
Roger Lim
 Young Again Cast Bios

Roger Lim
("Eric Young ", Writer / Director / Producer)

Roger Lim was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. His first three combined acting, directing, producing & writing efforts make up the AmerAsian Trilogy- AmerAsian (2010), Great American Dream (2011), and Young Again (2012). The features, all currently in post-production, are closely based upon a series of adverse personal relationships revolving around Roger’s immensely challenging baseball journey.

Back in his playing days, Roger pitched nationally recognized Lowell High School to their first ever victory at Candlestick Park as an All-City junior, but was forced to overcome a serious career-threatening rotator cuff injury as a senior. After extensive rehab, he walked on to the Dons' outfield at the University of San Francisco as a freshman, a squad from which 10 of his teammates went on to sign professionally. He transferred over to Cal State East Bay to start in left field his junior year, finishing as the Pioneers' second leading hitter.

After a major disagreement with his head coach, he relinquished his final year of eligibility and returned to USF to earn his B.A. in Psychology. He played out the remainder of his baseball career at catcher and third base for various college and semi-pro teams up and down California, garnering tryouts at Philadelphia Phillie, Seattle Mariner, and Major League Scouting Bureau camps. After a series of injuries, Roger settled in Los Angeles to enroll in commercial acting classes, only to find himself gearing up behind the plate once again- this time catching Hideo Nomo in an international Nike campaign.

That same year, Roger’s initial inspiration to direct behind the lens was sparked while standing-in for Jackie Chan on Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour 2 (2001). Once on set, he studied the pair’s tireless energy toward finely detailed perfection. His most crucial inspiration to work dramatically in front of the lens came when Cameron Crowe cast him opposite Tom Cruise & Kurt Russell in Vanilla Sky (2001). Although Roger didn't survive the final cut of his debut film role, he was introduced to Meisner training, helping him land his first television roles on Alias, N.C.I.S., and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

While training at Larry Moss Studios, scene study instructor, Michelle Danner, inspired and influenced Roger to create his own material, sparking him to script his AmerAsian Trilogy .In addition to television & film, Roger continues to appear in commercials and print ads, having modeled in over 150 campaigns thus far. An avid networker and film festival supporter, he actively scouts actors, crew, musicians, and other artists year-round to collaborate with for future filmmaking efforts.  


Christopher Sean
("Frates", 2nd Unit Director & Stunt Coordinator)

A California native born in Oak Harbor, WA; A multi-talented actor and model, Mr. Asia USA 2007 is 30,000 fans strong across the country and has already achieved international celebrity status in his young career; Having traveled the world for most of his life, he is extremely unique from his talents to his ethnicity, being of half Caucasian and half Asian descent.

Has appeared on numerous billboards in the Philippines and represented the U.S. in the world finals of Manhunt International, taking the prize for Mr. Personality and 1st Runner Up for Mr. Friendship; Was Mr. Ginoong Pilipinas 2006 and is the current face of Zenoost & the Z Label Collection; Appeared on the Tyra Banks Show as the Sexy Fireman in between shooting a Sketchers campaign, gracing the runway for UGG, and walking the red carpet at the Asian Excellence Awards (which aired on E!); Stars as Kele in the adventure short King Eternal (2010) and as the Werewolf  in the Twilight feature film spoof, twiharder, currently in post-production.

Although Young Again is his first starring role in a feature film, he has spent most of his life immersed in the entertainment industry and graduated his Master Acting Program three times faster than average; Is a charity advocate for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation; He believes that what sets him apart from other young artists is his innate ability to connect with his audience and bring people together from all nationalities, creeds, and backgrounds; One of his goals is to break the stigma about mixed-Asians with no talent or sex appeal.


Lori McShane

Native Californian born and raised in Los Angeles; Since the age of five, she has performed in numerous dance competitions, winning over 200 of them; Received her AA in Modern Dance; Continued her higher education at Cal State Northridge where she fell in love with theatre before obtaining her Bachelor of Arts there; Has landed various national commercials and music videos, with her role of Clair on ER being her most recent T.V. appearance; AmerAsian3 is her first starring role in a feature film; A SAG/AFTRA actress who enjoys developing her career and cooking in her spare time.


Nico Lombardo
(Asst. Coach Smaller)

Nicholas "Nico" Lombardo; Born in Portland, OR and raised in Vermont, Rhode Island, and Arizona; A Sun Devil Alumni from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Theater Arts and a Minor in Business & History; His two great passions in life are baseball and acting; Playing throughout college prepared him thoroughly for his lead role in Amerasian3; Eager to learn about the industry from a behind the scenes perspective, he’s a studio account manager, experiencing first hand, the execution of production; Plans to produce his own films in the near future with the vast knowledge he’s gained; Involved in an up and coming comic book and webseries Lucky Legendary, in which the illustrated character of Star Stud is based on his own persona; Jove, a film in which he stars, has been accepted and screened at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival; His current roles in the upcoming film festival bond productions include Bowling Alley and Fabulous; Nico believes that we must be appreciative that we have each day to strive forward to better ourselves and help others; He is fortunate to have a great support team of family & friends for whom he is very thankful.


John Gearries

Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN; Moved to Queens, NY for a stint before returning to his home town; A film actor/producer/musician based in Los Angeles; In addition to starring in AmerAsian3 as the menacing Barber, he stars also in five other upcoming independent film releases including the feature Mental Scars (2009), shot in Indianapolis (; This likely Lions Gate Entertainment release has created buzz around its new genre of horror; In Jack Black’s latest feature Year One (Summer 2009), he’s featured as a hunter in Black’s tribe; Along with an array of modeling, shorts, and features under his belt, he’s also appeared recently on television in Time Warner’s The Gregory Mantell Show and CBS’s The

(Head Coach Meyers)

Southern California native; The 3rd of six boys of whose father passed away when he was just 12; His passion for acting, singing, and dancing started on a whim one day as a teen; While break dancing for money with his crew, he was discovered by a dance studio owner and convinced to try jazz dance, starting him on a drive toward his childhood dream; Signed with his first agency and landed his first dancing job in the Beach Boys Endless Summer Special (1989); Met Kenny Ortega and began studying and auditioning for many of his projects; Was slated to star opposite Deborah Gibson in the feature Skirts, only to learn of its cancellation; However, after catching the acting bug, he began studying with Jon Sarno and others; Landed various roles in commercials, videos, and films before becoming a father in 1992 to Alyssa Merie Lucero; After putting his entertainment dreams on hold for over a decade and a serious conversation with his family, he decided to pursue his life long dream once again, soon securing his lead role in AmerAsian3; Also appears in Angels & Demons starring Tom Hanks and Shadows in Paradise starring Mark Dacascos & Tom Sizemore.


Born in Spokane, Washington and raised on the Western Slope of Colorado in Grand Junction; At the age of 12, she was chosen to play the lead Dorothy in the theatrical production of The Wizard of Oz; Afterwards, was invited to the Corsica Internazionali Musica in Urbino, Italy as a soloist and then to New Zealand the following year to perform with the group Audience of One; After the urging of her acting coach and agent, she graduated public high school at 16 to pursue film & TV; AmerAsian3 is her first supporting role shorts: Second Chances and Screw Mars; Director of Photography on the short, Diez, and on his first feature, Book Of Rules, before lensing AmerAsian and Great American Dream.


David Doko

Korean-American filmmaker; Moved to Los Angeles after graduating from New York University and has been working on various camera crews around California for the past decade; Writer and Director of the shorts: Second Chances and Screw Mars; Director of Photography on the short, Diez, and on his first feature, Book Of Rules, before lensing AmerAsian and Great American Dream.


Chris Julian
(Music & Sound Design)

Native New Yorker; Earned his B.S. in Television and Radio Production from Syracuse University; Award winning composer/producer, sound editor, and foley artist, spanning the film, record, and television industries in genres ranging from film sound to rock, hip-hop/R&B, and jazz; Earned his first Emmy Award on A & E's Flight 93, as well as dozens of Gold and Platinum records; His post production sound work has been featured in films earning 6 major awards and 14 major nominations, including a Sundance Win and Nom, 10 Emmy Noms; His collaborations in the record industry have merited his esteemed clients 4 Grammy Noms; As producer, composer, engineer, writer, and instrumentalist, he has worked in every genre, with music giants ranging from Jimmy Webb, Art Garfunkel, Chaka Khan, David Bowie, and Isaac Hayes, to Queen Latifah, De La Soul, Deee-Lite, 3rd Bass, Black Sheep, and Biz Markie; His NYC - based production company, Calliope, became ground zero for the now legendary East Coast hip-hop movement known as the Native Tongues; Has worked with many of the aforementioned hip-hop artists who forged a new Black roots awareness and progressive, brainy, "hippy" sensibility within the hip hop community, forever inspiring new modes of expression for Black artists everywhere; Chris' diverse musical background, vast technical know-how, including classical training and conducting, combined with his love and passion for the art of cinema, have made him a natural in the motion picture industry; Has been honored to have worked closely with numerous film sound greats, including Larry Blake, Pat Bietz, Multiple Emmy Award winner Mark Linden, Emmy Award winner and Academy member, Harry Snodgrass, and Clancy Troutman; Has contributed his many post production sound skills to over 100 feature films starring Academy Award Winners, Lee Marvin and Olympia Dukakis, Academy Award Nominees, Elliot Gould and JoBeth Williams, as well as Naomi Watts and many more; In the field of television and radio commercial music, Chris was founder and co-owner of BANG Music, (, a now multi-continental, always cutting-edge, youth oriented commercial music production company; BANG operates with the brash moniker "we're the music company that doesn't do commercial music. we do the real thing!"; With BANG, Chris and his colleagues have written and produced commercials for Coke, Pepsi, Mercedes Benz, Anheuser-Busch, Ford, Burger King, The American Cancer Society, Proctor & Gamble, Sony, and many others; Classically trained in voice, trombone, and timpani, he plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and toured the U.S. for six year as lead singer of his rock band, Los Federales; Owner / operator of a three-studio complex & foley stage in Woodland Hills, California.