Young Again Character Bios

Eric Young
(Roger Lim)

American- born Asian graduate student, 32; After discovering his roommate, Frates, is trying out for the baseball team, he is dared and persuaded to lie about his age to do the same; Eric meets Jackie, who helps rehab him through injuries; Eric mentors Frates throughout the year, each working hard to earn playing time; However, Barber, the starting catcher and Assistant Coach Smaller grow increasingly suspicious of Eric, setting him up to test positive for steroids.

(Christopher Sean)

Eric’s roommate and best friend, 22, the AmerAsian senior walks onto the team as a backup catcher, hoping to capture enough attention from the scouts to rise to the professional level; Over the course of the year, he shifts from friendly and confident to serious and overly tenacious, often butting heads with Barber; After frustrating injuries and mounting confrontations with Eric as well, he begins experimenting with performance enhancing substances, threatening Eric’s identity, safety, and ultimately, his sanity.

(Lori McShane)

Eric’s neighbor, massage therapist, and aspiring personal trainer, 22, who helps Eric rehab through multiple injuries; As beautiful on the inside as she is out, she still has difficulty shedding feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Smaller; Ignoring Smaller’s jealousy, she bonds with Eric as the year progresses; Ultimately challenges Eric to come to terms with his deeply buried insecurities, discovering something dark about him that not even he was aware of.

Asst. Coach Smaller
(Nico Lombardo)

A former Volcano catcher who played a brief stint with the professional Stars, 25; Dated Jackie in college, but lost her after using performance enhancing drugs; After his minor league release, he enrolls in graduate school and lands the job of the team’s assistant coach, in an effort to rekindle with Jackie; Jealous and suspicious when he discovers Jackie’s feelings for Eric; Conspires with Barber to set Eric up to test positive for steroids.

(John Gearries)

The team’s captain and best player, 22, who, with his monstrous 6’5” frame, often bumps heads with Eric and Frates; Sly, egotistical, and known for short cuts and cheap shots; Benched the year before, he’s now the starting catcher who has a decent chance of being drafted, letting nothing get in his way. As disrespectful as a person as he is a player, he tests Eric physically and mentally throughout the frustrating season.

Head Coach Meyers
(Jon Lucero)

A first year head baseball coach with strong philosophies, 40; Straight laced and by-the-book, he teaches Eric’s sports medicine class and takes a liking to his work ethic; As the season progresses, he notices improvements in Eric’s game, but also suspicious changes in behavior; Even though Eric tests positive for steroids just before the crucial exhibition against a minor league team, he waivers, and gives Eric the benefit of the doubt.

(Cayce Peters)

Jackie’s roommate and best friend; Just a freshman, she helps Eric get a job in the school’s Lava Lounge, only to watch him quit later in the year after Barber confronts him; Also overhears Eric’s big fight with Frates next door and alerts Jackie.

(Scott Roughgarden)

The team’s Freshman Phenom and number 2 catcher who backs up Barber; This power hitter is also a pitcher whom Eric looks out for as the season progresses; Parsons ultimately returns the favor to Eric in a big way.


(Steve Hansen)

The other half of the Freshman Phenom tandem; Eric also looks out for him during the hard season; This speedy outfielder also pitches relief and enters with the game on the line against the professional Stars baseball team.