__About AmerAsian Films


AmerAsian Films was founded in 2005 by Roger Lim with the
belief in expressing real life multi-cultural drama involving:

  • American- born Asian characters
  • Interracial relationships between Americans & Asians
  • Characters who share both American & Asian descent

Each feature film is linked together by the character of Eric, an
American born Asian who returns to college on 3 separate occasions.
Each time he does, he assumes an alternate identity, attempting to
successfully play the one last year of baseball, attempting to make
it to the pros. Sidetracked each time by the bigger issues of those
around him, Eric ultimately begins to question his own identity
and sanity in the end.

Please e-mail: Roger@AmerAsianFilms.com  with any and all
feedback, thanks!

***AmerAsian [a’mer ‘eizn] / noun, adj./ 1. a person of Asian descent who is born in America 2. a relationship between an American-born Asian and an All-American 3. A person sharing both Caucasian and Asian descent or ancestry.