Not So Young Character Bios

Eric/ "Jimmy"
(Roger Lim)

An American- born Asian graduate, 28; Even after several years, he seems unable to move forward in life after the loss of his dad; Coerced by his best friend, Sean, into taking a younger student’s identity in order to play one last year of college baseball; Establishes a relationship with Monica, discovering too late that she is his Coach’s daughter; While hiding his true identity, he confronts mounting pressures from everyone around, while he tries to help Monica come to terms with her past; When relegated to the bench the entire year, her trauma forces him to re-evaluate the perspective of his own life.

Monica Donovan
(Cris Smothers)

An All-American co-ed junior, 20, who is the charming girl-next-door, but one who seeks constant attention and validation; Since the loss of her mom, she has dealt for years with the suspicious behavior of her father, Eric’s baseball coach; Experiments with alcohol while self-medicating her self-diagnosed manic-depression; Covers her tremendous emotional trauma with admirable warmth, optimism, and charisma -- but for how long?

(Andrew Plummer)

A college senior and an extremely talented athlete suffering through a disappointing college baseball career, 22; Manages the convenience store where he talks Eric into stealing a younger student’s identity; When Eric hesitates, Sean must somehow cajole him into the classroom and onto the playing field due to hidden motives of his own.

(Shannon Gayle)

An All-American co-ed junior, 20, who is Daryl Walker’s off and on flame; Malicious and relentless, she uses Eric for revenge on both Monica and Daryl by way of quick-wits, deceit, and sexuality; Masks her jealousy and insecurity with calculating seduction; Cold-hearted and competitive, she even sets eyes on Monica’s father to stir the ultimate trouble.

Coach Donovan
(Bobby Dodge)

Eric and Sean’s unfair college baseball coach, 45; Also a health education instructor who feels threatened when Eric and Monica flirt with each other in class; The “adoptive” father of Monica whose jealousy, suspicion, and disapproval of all of Monica’s relationships lead to increasing alcohol tendencies and sexually deviant behavior.

Eric's Mom
(Akiko Shima)

Authoritative, Asian- born mother, 50; Widowed as a result of her smoking habits; Allows Eric to return to college after believing he needs more prerequisites for med school; Traditional, demanding and authoritative; she suffers from asphyxiation.

(Kristin Pesceone)

AmerAsian co-ed freshman, 19; Photography student who develops friendly feelings for Eric after her break-up with Sean, causing a jealous confrontation; Emotional and needy, yet kind and caring, she luckily helps Eric's mom to the hospital at a crucial time.

(Jason Lombard)

A college senior and the team’s best player, 22, who is always on Coach Donovan’s good side; The starting shortstop, who is the reason behind Sean’s limited playing time; Repeatedly disrespects Eric by pursuing Monica, all while playing with Kimberly’s emotions; Cocky, arrogant, and cutthroat, he plays the entire field.


(Kara Hyatt)

All- American freshman, 17; Secretly, but regularly meets Coach Donovan at an undisclosed hotel suite; Similar to Monica with blonde hair, blue eyes, and petite build, her innocent naivety in her schoolgirl attire satiates Coach Donovan’s dark fixation on his increasingly distant daughter.

***AmerAsian [a'mer 'eizn] / noun, adj./ 1. a person of Asian descent who is born in America 2. a relationship between an American-born Asian and an All-American 3. A person sharing both Caucasian and Asian descent or ancestry.