Great American Dream Character Bios

Eric/ "Steve"
(Roger Lim)

An American-born Asian graduate, 30; A victim of racism when he was unfairly called out the last time his dad ever saw him play baseball; While still suffering from the loss of his dad, he befriends Danny, who devises a plan for them to go back to college as seniors; Eric reluctantly follows the game plan, not letting Danny know he’s recently done something similar. Upon meeting Amy, Coach Pierce’s niece, he grows overly cautious and distances himself from her; Despite his alternate identity, ‘Steve’ is a good student and the team’s hardest worker, taking the straightest path he can toward his goals; But battling physical, emotional, and psychological challenges, Eric must somehow work his way into the starting lineup before he can have the chance to play in front of any professional scouts; Despite a paternal connection with Coach Pierce and a deep friendship with Tommy, he suffers from increasing guilt as the year goes by; He finds himself in the most crucial game of his life when he is forced to take the field one last time against Coach Weiss and Christian, the racist pair who cheated him badly several years before.

Amy Pierce
(Angel Monroe)

An all-American freshman, 18; The school’s assistant athletic trainer, still suffering from the unexpected loss of her cousin, Walt (Coach Pierce’s son); An aspiring singer who grows spiritually and emotionally through Eric; However, she questions her self-worth and swings toward the wrong crowd when Eric denies her flirtations. When she catches Eric acting peculiarly during the crucial big game, she demands the truth from him.

Danny/ "Brian"
(Andy Hnilo)

An all-American college graduate, 25; He befriends Eric and devises a plan for them to play again under assumed identities; He lives life fast and takes short cuts to achieve his baseball goals; The center of every social situation, he becomes the starting third baseman; But after toying with academic suspension, he turns on Eric when questioned about his connection with performance enhancing drugs; Because of his previous history with Coach Weiss, he’s opts to sit out the heavily-scouted game against the Wildcats.

Tommy Crawford
(Bruce Childs)

An African-American mixed junior, 21; The charismatic Brahma Co-Captain, but intense and confrontational; The team’s best player who dislikes Eric immediately- until Eric proves his value; After spilling his guilt about the death of Walt, Coach Pierce’s son, he gradually becomes Eric’s closest friend; Although hampered by a nagging knee injury, he starts at catcher against the Wildcats and Coach Weiss, who are primarily responsible for Walt’s death.

Coach Pierce
(Ross Triplett)

An all-American baseball coach and sports psychology instructor, 60; He’s tough outside, but caring, lonely, and sentimental inside and still suffers from the untimely death of his son, Walt; Stagnant, unmotivated and now succumbing to early retirement, he develops a close relationship with Eric, whose true identity he is best off never knowing.

Coach Weiss
(Tracy Miller)

The All-American Coach of the enemy Wildcats, 45; Responsible for fixing Eric's last game when Christian, his conspiring umpire, unfairly called Eric out on strikes; Responsible for Walt Pierce's death after ordering his pitcher, Martin Weiss Jr., to throw at Walt’s head; A racist with a reputation for being cold, ruthless, and corrupt in order to win at any cost; No stranger to encouraging his own players and others to utilize performance enhancing drugs, he’s assisted by Christian in distributing them.

Christian (Umpire)
(Andy Rossi)

All-American Umpire, 25, who unfairly calls Eric out on a third strike; Works with Coach Weiss to fix games and balls/ strikes; Works home plate for the Easter Tournament and then possibly recognizes Eric from somewhere before; Blatantly racist dealer of illegal substances.

Chance Jackson
(Ben Maughan)

All-American senior, 22; The Brahmas' other co-captain and starting catcher; Strong bodied, but cocky, he disrespects Eric by pursuing Amy; Partier who grows close with Danny, demonstrating how to properly inject illegal substances into the body without detection; Gets thrown off the team just before the big Easter Tournament when he tests positive for drugs.

Joey Salinger
(Mike Taylor)

AmerAsian freshman, 18; Reserve second baseman, pitcher, and bullpen catcher who looks up to Eric; Fills in at catcher during the Brahmas’ championship game against the Wildcats, but blows the late-game lead; Gets seriously injured in the ninth inning, pressuring Eric to go into the game; Winds up as the team’s backup catcher once Chance is kicked off and Eric leaves for good.

Curt Grant
(Isaiah LaBorde)

All-American senior, 21; The primary closing relief pitcher out of the bullpen and a spot starter; Grows close with Danny and Chance, rounding out the "in" crowd; Starts and wins the opening game of the Easter Tournament; Comes in to close the Wildcat game, but blows the lead with Joey catching, and then wins it after Eric takes over.

Michelle Pierce
(Sally Monroe)

All-American, head athletic trainer and Sports Medicine instructor, 45; Amy's caring, single mom, who reports players' steroid usage to Coach Pierce; Was present on the field when Walt Pierce, her nephew, was killed.

Walt Pierce
(Alex Aquino)

AmerAsian sophomore, 19; Killed by a pitch intentionally thrown at his head; Was starting his first game for his dad, Coach Pierce, in the annual Easter Tournament; The Brahmas were forced to forfeit this big game after this most unfortunate "accident".

***AmerAsian [a’mer‘eizn] / noun, adj./ 1. a person of Asian descent who is born in America 2. a relationship between an American-born Asian and an All-American 3. A person sharing both Caucasian and Asian descent or ancestry.