___Great American Dream Plot Synopsis

     Attempting to reverse the devastating memories of his late father, Eric, an AmerAsian graduate, assumes an identity to take back one last year of college baseball.

     Along with Danny, another graduate using an assumed identity, Eric battles his way onto the team, eying the attention of the professional scouts. But along his journey, he develops an unexpected, yet close connection with head Coach Pierce, a man who still suffers from the heartbreaking loss of his son.

     Once Eric’s innocent friendship deepens with Coach Pierce’s neice, Amy, all of his honesty, integrity, and loyalty grow severely compromised. So he distances himself from Amy in an effort to deny his mounting guilt. 

     As the big Easter Tournament approaches, Eric bonds with his closest rival, Tommy, and establishes himself as a team leader through his relentless work ethic. However, he’s alienated by both Danny and Amy, whose lives begin taking reckless turns.

     Already struggling through physical, emotional, and spiritual adversity, Eric winds up on the same field opposite an enemy from his secretive past. Now he is forced to watch Coach Pierce re-live his most tragic loss, or play in a game that threatens to bring his career, and his freedom, to an abrupt end.

***AmerAsian [a’mer‘eizn] / noun, adj./ 1. a person of Asian descent who is born in America 2. a relationship between an American-born Asian and an All-American 3. A person sharing both Caucasian and Asian descent or ancestry.