10-19-11 Final Picture Sound & Music Editing Completed on Not So Young (the AmerAsian Re-Cut)

8-14-11 Final Additional Photography completed for Great American Dream

5-21-11 Additional Shoot Day for Great American Dream

1-21-11 Final editing on Great American Dream completed

1-11-11 Final photography on AmerAsian re-cut captured

8-8-10 Additional Shoot Day #7

7-31-10 Additional Shoot Day #6

7-11-10 Additional Shoot Day #5

6-13-10 Additional Shoot Day #4

5-7-10 Additional Shoot Day #3

4-14-10 Additional Shoot Day #2

3-7-10 Additional Shoot Day #1

1-31-10 Great American Dream music score finished by Chris Julian

1-15-10 AmerAsian re-enters post-production; Additional scripted scenes to be shot over the next several weeks

10-22-09 The preliminary cut of AmerAsian is completed

8-30-09 Young Again Principal Photography Wraps for the year and resumes Post Production 

5-31-09 Pre-Production (& Casting) on Final Scenes planned for the Final Wrap of Young Again

1-15-09 Initial Rough Cut Received of Young Again (AmerAsian3) edited by T.J. Applestance

10-20-08 AmerAsian3 Principal Photography Wraps for the year and enters Post Production

9-27-08 Principal Photography Resumes on AmerAsian3

9-2-08 Principal Photography Begins on AmerAsian3

7-31-08 Casting Finalized for the AmerAsian3 Team- Christopher Sean, Lori McShane, Nico Lombardo, John Gearies, and Jon Lucero

5-20-08 Chris Julian Begins Composing & Music Supervising on the first 2 AmerAsian Films

5-1-08 Casting Officially Begins for AmerAsian3

11-1-07 Emmy Award Winner Chris Julian comes on board to sound edit both films

7-27-07 Additional Pickups completed for both films; Day 21 for AmerAsian and Days 24 & 25 for Great American Dream

6-01-07 Latest Rough Cut of AmerAsian edited by Joseph Binetti

5-01-07 Initial Rough Cut of Great American Dream edited by T.J. Applestance

2-15-07 Great American Dream Officially Enters First Editing Phases

2-9-07 Additional PickUps -- Days 19 & 20 for AmerAsian, Day 23 for Great American Dream

1-25-07 New Scene Goes Up Online for AmerAsian

1-5-07 Official MySpace Page fully updated

12-8-06 Brand New Web/Pages, Photos, and Text Posted for Great American Dream; The AmerAsian Films Website expanded

11-30-06 AmerAsian Trailer Goes Public on YouTube

10-6-06 Great American Dream Pick-Up Weekend of Production- Days 20-22 Shot & Completed

9-11-06 Great American Dream Principle Photography Wraps 19-day Shoot

6-11-06 Lead Actors Join the Great American Dream Team- Angel Monroe, Andy Hnilo, Bruce Childs, and Harry Triplett

5-05-06 David Doko, Cinematographer on AmerAsian, Signs On To Lens Great American Dream

4-10-06 Great American Dream Officially announced in the Hollywood Reporter

3-16-06 Breakdowns Go Out to Agents, Managers, and Actors For Lead Roles

2-15-06 Great American Dream In Pre-Production; Casting Officially Begins

6-26-05 AmerAsian Principle Photography Wraps Initial 14 day shoot

6-11-05 AmerAsian Principle Photography Begins

5-15-05 Casting Finalized for the AmerAsian Team- Cris Smothers, Bobby Dodge, Andrew Plummer, Shannon Gayle, Jason Lombard, and Akiko Shima