Roger Lim, Founder



Young Again (2012) www.imdb.com/title/tt1303678/ - (Mid post-production) - Eric begins his final journey in graduate school, where he is persuaded to change his age and try out for the local team one last time. His roommate, Frates, begins experimenting with steroids, sparking an intense battle between the two for a starting spot in an exhibition against a professional team. However, as Frates' behavior grows out of control, Eric begins to question just who Frates is and where he really came from. Double Identity, Self-Deception & Steroid Abuse.

Great American Dream (2011) www.IMDB.com/title/tt0855705/ – (Near completion) - A victim of racism, Eric borrows an identity to re-enroll in college in an attempt to erase discerning memories involving his late father. Once he begins to adapt, he slowly learns that everyone around him has also just lost someone very close to their hearts. But amidst mounting suspicion, Eric finds himself forced to play the most crucial game of his life. Hidden Identities, Lost Loved Ones, Banned Substances, Racism & Redemption.

Not So Young (2010) www.IMDB.com/title/tt0437065/ –(Near completion) – This is Roger’s first combined writing, producing, directing and acting effort. Eric, an American-born Asian, borrows an identity to regain his baseball eligibility for an extra year so he can chase his pro baseball dream one more time. However, when he connects with Monica, the victimized daughter of his sexually abusive coach, he must then weigh the importance of his own crucial needs against the rapid consequences of Monica’s self-destructive behavior. Stolen Identity, Manipulation, Jealousy, Revenge & Abuse.

Rush Hour 2 (2001) – My first-ever job behind the camera was as Jackie Chan’s stand-in during latter stages of production. Watching Jackie work with Brett Ratner was an extremely enlightening experience, teaching me the value of timing, precision & perfection.


Rumor Has It (2005) -- I played an annoying venture capitalist opposite Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston in this Rob Reiner film (although my scene didn’t make the final cut)

Gyro For Hire (2003) – My first lead was in this short film. Although it will probably never be released, the experience gave me the know-how and the confidence to wear many different hats on the same project.

Vanilla Sky (2001) – My first, most memorable role was as a SWAT officer shouting obscenities at David Aames (Tom Cruise) to drop his gun. When he didn’t comply, I was forced to shoot him and his psychiatrist (Kurt Russell) with my semi-automatic machine gun, all part of David’s lucid dream. Although this scene didn’t make the final cut either, the role proved to be a huge turning point for me. Director Cameron Crowe was phenomenal to work for and from that day, I knew what I needed to do the rest of my life.

Some other notable guest roles include working opposite Jennifer Garner in Alias, Terry Bradshaw in a Global PC infomercial, Hideo Nomo in a Nike commercial, and playing several oddball characters on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.


12+ years of professional print, body part, and tradeshow modeling working 150+ print campaigns including Mercedes, Sprint, Carnival Cruiselines, Hewlett Packard, Miller Lite, Cisco Systems, iPod & several Las Vegas resorts and casinos


David Sacks @ The Almond Agency --  Film & TV in LA
L.A. Talent - Union Commercials in L.A.
Envy L.A. -- Non-union commercials in L.A.
Cunningham, Escott, Slevin & Doherty -- Print in L.A.
Brand Models -- Print & Commercials in Orange County
San Diego Models -- Across the Board in San Diego
Boom Model & Talent -- Across the Board in San Francisco
Red Agency -- Across the Board in Las Vegas
Dani's Agency -- Across the Board in Phoenix

* I’m also represented in several other major U.S. cities*


Michelle Danner @ Larry Moss Studios
Larry Chance @ Expressions Unlimited
Stephanie Feury & Billy Hornbuckle @ Van Mar
Anne Dremann -- Meisner Technique
Ben Falcone @ The Groundlings
Various Instructors @ SAG/AFI
Multiple Casting Director Workshops @ Actorsite


B.A. in Psychology from the University of San Francisco; Upon graduation, I turned to professional restaurant auditing, evaluating the cleanliness, food quality, and customer service of various Southern California establishments. I have occasionally bartended and have several years training and experience as a deep tissue and sports massage therapist.


All-City pitcher at Lowell High after winning the school’s first-ever playoff-championship game at Candlestick Park. At the University of San Francisco and California State University, Hayward, I shifted into the outfield. In between college seasons, I was fortunate enough to play at recruitment camps for the Philadelphia Phillies, Seattle Mariners, and The Major League Scouting Bureau. After graduation, I converted to catcher and third base to play on various semi-pro and scout teams all across Southern California. Overall, I have played with and against over 100 ballplayers who moved on into the professional ranks and onto the major leagues.


I study as much dramatic film as possible in between networking at various events around town and supporting every film festival I can. I enjoy meeting actors, filmmakers, film students, crew, singers, musicians, and various other artists. I’m an avid sports memorabilia enthusiast who loves following the Lakers and many other California teams.

FAVORITE QUOTE -- The best thing I ever did in my life was never giving up.Jackie Chan

***AmerAsian [a’mer ‘eizn] / noun, adj./ 1. a person of Asian descent who is born in America 2. a relationship between an American-born Asian and an All-American 3. A person sharing both Caucasian and Asian descent or ancestry.